Tetris-like saga
Mushroom Mania is casual match three game! Users play with mushrooms, discover new boards, and exercise their brain.

Pick one mushroom and drag it to another of the same color, leaving a path of the “inactive mushrooms”. They all become active and disappear once you fill up the entire row.

Technology Java, Firebase, Google Analytics
Client Internal Project
Platforms Andorid
User rating 4.6 / 5
Mushroom Mania
Mushroom Mania
User Reviews

What our players say...

Very addictive. I just couldn’t stop playing it.”
Milos Milenkovic
“Seeing cute little faces on mushrooms makes me smile and there are no adds whatsoever!”
Jacqueline Cavero
“This game is so awseome, I can play it all day long!
Dejan Prokic