Bussines Improvement

With a custom software solution your business can increase sales while significantly improving the customer experience.

Process Improvement

Improve process – improve business! Investing in automation and streamlining your processes saves you time and money while reducing errors.

Innovative Breakthrough

New technologies and innovative ideas are constantly confusing the business world. Maybe your app is the solution!


When creating a custom software solution for your business’s success, we go through the following steps:

1. Consulting and Planning

We know understanding your business is vital!

We take the time to listen to your needs, desired functionalities, business values, and goals.

After noting your information, we ask detailed questions to better understand desired result fully.

Our in-depth consultation helps ensure you get the results you want and need to improve your business.

2. Project Architecture

Entire project architecture defines all system components, including interactions between components and technology stack.

After our initial consultation, the Project Manager uses the provided information for research. They also consult with our highly skilled team of software engineers to analyze any risks and problems, review hidden requirements, and check your existing system if one is in place.

This allows us to present you with the architecture of the system textually and visually from multiple views, different perspectives, and with varying levels of detail.

For example, the architecture may require database implementation, back-end services, mobile app, web app, integration with third party systems, etc.

3. Project proposal and scope

Putting an agreed plan down on paper.

After the project architecture is accepted, we provide a detailed proposal and project scope in document form. The document includes:
A detailed description of all necessary components and functionalities to be delivered,
Required specialists,
Cost and timeline,

Aparteko team works with you to create an effective action plan according to your goals, timeline, and operating budget.

4. Development and Launch

Bringing your custom software solution to life.

Once your project scope is agreed upon, we will begin developing your custom software solution.

We maintain close regular contact throughout the development phase to ensure a seamless launch.

At this time, the Project Manager is your main contact point for seamless communication, transparency, and ensuring the project timeline is accurate. This is done by matching the most appropriate development techniques and methodologies with the best domain expertise and project management tools.


Our custom software solution will bring new benefits to your business.

Increased Revenue

Reach more customers and clients by growing your revenue base.


Projects are planned and developed with your business’s security in mind.


Process improvement projects quickly show ROI.

Turnaround Time

Complete the same processes or projects with a quick turnaround time.

Happier Customers

Provide increased visibility or simpler processes for customers.

Disrupt Your Market

Change the face of your industry by doing something never done before.


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