We started with a simple vision producing digital solutions for everyone from startups to large corporations using agile software methodologies and a risk-free mentality. We’re incredibly proud of maintaining positive client relationships with ongoing projects some lasting 5+ years.

Our success story

Aparteko was founded in 2012 by a group of college friends, with a plan to implement several ideas to fill in gaps in the local social gaming market.
Since there was no proper quiz game around, we have decided to make a highly involving, super interesting multiplayer Facebook trivia game. Slagalica quickly shifted to the number one app in the region, breaking all the records in growth rate, number of users, and social media hype (full story here).

Having great success with our first endeavor, we decided to stretch our capabilities to other areas of software development. Aparteko is now a synonymus with quality craftsmanship, efficient cooperation, convenience, and expertise.

The principles we operate under

Business Context

Our skilled engineers understand the business side of tech.

Clear goals

We take responsibility and build around the goals, rather than tasks.


We offer flexibility and transparency through all project phases.

Long-term mindset

A win-win deal is the only deal. We prosper only when you do.

People relationship

Building a strong relationship with our clients is the core of everything we do.

Minimized risk

We work with agile development methodologies and constantly deliver value.

We strongly believe that technology is the key to revolutionizing industries and helping people. This period of change is coming fast, and Aparteko will be ready at the forefront.


Vedran Prodanović

Co-Founder & BD

Ognjen Marković

Co-Founder & BD

Ivan Pantić

Co-Founder & BD

Vladimir Jovanović

Co-Founder & BD

Ivan Lukić

Senior software developer

Marko Radović

Senior software architect

Radoš Nikolić

Senior software developer

Filip Stjepanović

Software developer

Petar Popović


Dragana Barjaktarević

UI/UX Designer

Marija Miletić

Customer Support

Mladen Preradović

Full stack software developer

Stanka Tanjević

Full stack software developer

Danilo Vujaković

Full stack software developer