Smart Photo Studio
MEMOZ is an online photo service that helps the photo lab owners to transfer their business to the Internet.

The platform consists of:
Mobile app for users who want to get photos printed from their phone (Camera Roll, Google, Facebook or Instagram gallery),
Web dashboard app for the photo lab owners,
Backend service that provides communication between the two above-mentioned components.

The mobile app allows users to crop photos, choose one among five classic print sizes, fill out the purchase order form, and send the request to the Memoz photo lab!
The dashboard app allows the photo lab to receive a request, communicate with customers (in case corrections are needed) and finally to update the request status.

Technology React Native, Java, PostgreSQL, GCP
Client Internal project
Platforms Web, Andorid
User reviews

What users say...

Slavko Tulimirovic
“I am very satisfied with the quality of the photo!”
Slavko Tulimirovic
“The first album has arrived. It’s great! Thank you.”
Ognjen Odobašić
Dusan Nedeljkov
Dusan Nedeljkov